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16.01.2014 ENG 274
Kraft1V (sales code)
ProductWhite woodfree kraft backing paper.
UseFor laminates where extra high stiffness is needed.
Typical technical values
135 g/m² ISO 536
134 µm ISO 534
Tensile strength MD
7.5 kN/m ISO 1924
Tensile strength CD
3.7 kN/m ISO 1924
AdvantagesHigh stiffness. Good layflat characteristics.
The performance of the product should always be tested in the actual application conditions. Our recommendations are based on our most current knowledge and experience. As our products are used in conditions beyond our control, we cannot assume any liability for damage caused through their use. Users of our products are solely responsible that the product is suitable for its intended application, and have determined such at their sole discretion. Users must comply with any applicable legislation and/or testing requirements for the finished article, and are responsible for bringing their products to market. This publication does not constitute any warranty, express or implied, and is intended only for the recipient and cannot therefore be transferred to any third party. We cannot assume any liability for the use of our products in conjunction with other materials. All our products are sold subject to UPM Raflatac’s general sales conditions, and you should ensure that any existing laws are observed. This publication replaces all previous versions. All information is subject to change without notice.

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