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05.10.2015 ENG 110
Wash offRC7W (sales code)
TypeTemperature-sensitive, clear acrylic adhesive for wash-off film labels in PET bottle-to-bottle recycling.
CompositionRadiation-cured UV-Acrylic.
UseClear and white filmic wash-off labels for PET beverage bottles destined for the PET recycling process. The labels can be washed off in hot caustic and separated from ground-up PET bottles by gravity, leaving available pure, food-grade polyester suitable for bottle-to-bottle use. The non-bleeding adhesive provides excellent performance in high-speed dispensing and resistance to water-whitening once labelled.
Typical technical values
Tack min
4 N FTM 9
Labelling temperature min
5 °C
Service temperature min
-10 °C
Service temperature max
120 °C
LimitationsFor optimal wash-off performance, the washing caustic should be > 80 °C and the NaOH concentration > 1.5%. The wash-off properties may be reduced if labels are stored in high temperatures or under UV exposure (such as outdoor conditions) for long periods of time. Adhesion to moist surfaces needs to be tested beforehand.
Additional infoThe performance of the printed label should always be tested in the actual application conditions.
ApprovalsRafwash Clear TC 50, Rafwash White TC 60 and Rafwash Clear IL 60 with the RC 7W Rafwash adhesive have been approved for PET bottle-to-bottle recycling by Cleanaway PET International GmbH. The research centre ISEGA has given the adhesive approval for direct contact with dry and moist and such kind of fatty foodstuffs which have a reduction factor of at least 2.
Shelf lifeFrom the date of manufacture: 1 year at +20 °C and RH 50%.
Prolonged storage at higher temperatures and/or humidity levels will shorten the shelf life.
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