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RH15: All-new freezer-grade permanent adhesive

Bundle up with RH15 freezer adhesive

Frosty conditions, wet, cold and moist environments can all wreak havoc on label adhesion. And, there's nothing cool about a label that just won't stick. UPM Raflatac has developed a true, freezer-grade hotmelt adhesive that applies to frozen products with heavy condensation of moisture and frost.

RH15 is fully functional with a wide range of film and paper facestocks for frozen and unfrozen substrates, including food and meat packaging. In addition to the standard product range, RH15 adhesive is offered through UPM Raflatac's Menu Service, making it available with a multitude of facestocks and liners.

Cool benefits

  • Adhesion in regular and freezer application temperatures
  • Excellent adhesion to wet and frozen condensation
  • Improved production time on automated food packaging lines
  • Versatility that allows purchasing consolidation

Cool uses

  • Food and meat package labeling
  • Logistics and transport labeling
  • Retail information labeling
  • Greenhouse and plant nursery environments
  • Corrugated cardboard adhesion in
    cold, wet and frozen conditions

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